102-year-old Chinese Woman Begins Primary School

A 102 year old woman, who didn’t have a chance to attend school, was invited to a local elementary school. Ma, who looks 40 years younger than her age, never got a chance to go to school as a child.

She started work in a cotton mill at the age of 13. She was married at 18 and gave birth to nine children. Seven of them went on to university.

But she had always longed for a proper education which was how she came to be seated in the front row of Grade One of Weshan Road Elementary School, a local Chinese primary school.

The new pupil wears a hearing aid and carries a big magnifying glass to help her during spelling lessons.

The school offered her a place after reading about her long-held ambition when she was interviewed by a local newspaper.

source: onlinenews.ge

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