20-year-old Yaritza Oliva cries tears of blood

20-year-old Yaritza Oliva cries tears of blood

A Chilean woman is desperately seeking a doctor who can figure out why she cries blood several times a day.

Yaritza Oliva, 20, says she started weeping bloody tears about a month ago, and doctors in her hometown of Purranque have not been able to help.

She is in “indescribable” pain, she told a local news program, and has only been given eye drops to help. Haemolacria, or bloody tears, may result from a wide range of medical problems, such as an infection, a head injury or a tumor.

Women in the most fertile part of their cycles may have occult blood – small quantities of blood that are not visibly apparent – in their tears as a result of hormones, according to a 1991 study.

“Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter,” her father Jose told reporters.

source: nydailynews.com

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