44-year-old fetus has found in 84-year-old woman

44-year-old fetus has found in 84-year-old woman

Brazilian retiree (82) from Natividad has complained of stomach pains and dizziness and X-ray doctors have seen in her womb calcified 44-year-old fetus stopped developing somewhere between 20th and 28th week.

It turned out that the woman has been pregnant for the last 44 years but at one point in her pregnancy she felt severe pain. Since there was no doctor in the village she turned to the local shaman who prescribed her some pills.

The pain stopped almost immediately and because the stomach stopped growing the woman thought that she miscarried the baby. Fetus in her womb was dead but her body somehow adapted while the baby was gradually calcified. The fetus had a face, the limbs were formed and the spine was very apparent.

Although very rare, cases of such stone babies called Lithopedion indicated in the medical literature from earlier, about 300 in number. The first case of fully developed calcified fetus stayed 28 years in the womb dates from 1528, found in autopsy of 68-year-old Frenchwoman.

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