8 Year Old And 13 Year Old Have Sex On School Bus

8 Year Old And 13 Year Old Have Sex On School Bus

Authorities in Fishers, Indiana closed a case this morning in what seems to be two students, an 8 year old girl and a 13 year old boy, having sex on a school bus. Both are students at the Indiana School for the Deaf. According to police officials the bus camera shows the two having sexual intercourse and are stating that it was consensual.

At the time of the incident, the Noblesville school bus was also transporting other students. The bus driver and bus aide were also present, however, police are saying the driver and the aide will not be facing charges due to the fact that the height of the seats made it “impossible” to see what the two students were doing.

Robert King Jr., the attorney representing the family of the girl involved in the incident, says that Indiana law dictates that an 8-year-old girl can’t consent to sex. King stated in an email to WishTV8:
“What happened to the victim here was child molestation and/or rape. That a victim, especially one 8 years old, sometimes succumbs to a more powerful perpetrator, should never be regarded as consent and is not the law in Indiana.”

The Indiana School for the Deaf has been unable to be reached for any comment in regards to the incident.

Noblesville Schools released a statement about yesterday’s incident stating:
“The safety and security of all children attending Noblesville schools is our top priority. It always has and always will be.”

Isn’t the whole point of having a camera, bus driver, and bus aide on the school bus at the same time as the students in order to keep things like this from happening? What if it were something more serious? The seats were too high to see? What are your thoughts?

source: inquisitr.com

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