80-Year-Old Woman Discusses Being First Silicone Breast Implant Patient in 1962

Great-grandmother Timmie Jean Lindsey was 30 when she was offered a chance to be the first woman in the world to get breast implants. Now 80 years old, she reflected on her life after the 1962 surgery, telling the Daily Mail “Men on the street would whistle at me…but now they’re a bit saggy.”

As Lindsey recounts, she had initially gone to her doctor in an effort to have a tattoo removed. The Texan mother-of-six, who’s now a great-grandmother, wanted to have a tattoo of red roses removed from her chest. While there, she was offered the chance to try the new breast augmentation procedure. At the time, she earned $30 a week at an electronics factory, and her income meant she qualified to have the procedure for free.

The silicone implants she received were developed by the pioneering doctors Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, who hoped to develop a fix for women whose breasts sagged after they’d had several children. It was Dr. Cronin who suggested that Timmy Jean undergo the surgery as a test case.

Timmie Jean says it was ‘awesome’ to be the first woman to have the surgery. Lindsey, the first woman to receive silicone breast implants, went from a B cup to a C cup thanks to the surgery. She commented to the Daily Mail ” I thought they came out just perfect… They felt soft and just like real breasts.”

The groundbreaking procedure took two hours to perform, and paved the way for the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Since that time, millions of women have undergone breast enlargement surgery.

source: breastsurgery.net

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