A revolutionary new blood test tells us how long we will live

A revolutionary new blood test tells us how long we will live

Scientists have discovered a chemical “fingerprint” that reveals the secrets of longevity.

This simple blood test provides basic information to newborn’s parents about potential diseases in the old age. Further studies could lead to drug development and prevention of various diseases that are more common in the elderly, such as problems with the heart or bones.

Scientists have identified 22 metabolites, small molecules, associated with metabolism. They can be good indicators of what we can expect during aging. One of them, related to lung function, bone density, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, was particularly isolated.

For this molecule, called C-glyTrp, scientists believe that it may be reflected in the acceleration of aging in adult humans. They also took into account the weight of the newborn. Higher levels of molecules are associated with lower birth weight of the child. Scientists analyzed the blood of 6,000 twins, which showed that a good body weight at birth is extremely important for the future and healthy aging.

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