A student broke his parents’ house

A student broke his parents' house

Third-year student of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Banja Luka (Montenegro) Milos Simic, broke his parents’ house in Laktashi, because he believed it was an unprecedented kitsch.

At about 3 pm on Tuesdays before his parents returned from work, Simic has raised the house with explosives into the air. Frightened neighbors ran out thinking it was a blast of gas installations, but a few moments later Simic explained to them what has happened.

The day before Simic, who was very talented in architecture, had a serious quarrel with his father because he wanted to set the figures of lions at the entrance to the house.

“I keep arguing with him because he built a mockery of the design to materialize all the horror. He did not want to listen to me and was still destroying the house with some stupid details. I was not able to see that anymore”, said Simic.

As an additional reason student showed daily ridiculling of his colleagues.

Police are still investigating how the Milos Simic came to the explosives.

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