Amazing Things That Can Happen in One Second

So many things can happen in one second

So many things can happen in one second

1 Second is:

  • The time a Cesium atom vibrates 9,192,631,770 times (1967, General Conference of Weights and Measures)
  • The time it takes for a baseball that left a pitcher’s hand to get hit by the bat and fly back to the pitcher.
  • The time a man’s fist make an impulse of 1 ton.
  • The time saliva from a person’s mouth travels 100m when there is no air resistance.
  • The time a bullet travels 900m and penetrates the target.
  • The time a snail travels 1cm to avoid falling raindrops.
  • The time a honey bee flaps its wings 200 times.
  • The time a toad’s tongue snatches a worm.
  • The time the earth receives 48,600,000,000kw of energy form the sun.
  • The time 2.4 babies are born.
  • The time 1.3 car is made.
  • The time 4.2 televisions are made.
  • The time 5,700 liters of carbonated drink is consumed.
  • The time 51 tons of cement is used.
  • The time 22 travelers cross borders.
  • The time 79 stars are vanish from the space.
  • AND

  • If the 15,000,000,000 years of space is reduced to one year, the history of mankind is one second.


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