Bad Santas! Hilarious pictures show what happens when Father Christmas has one sherry too many

drunk Santa Claus

Everyone likes a drink over the festive period – even Father Christmas.

But in this amusing set of pictures it looks like Santa has had a few too many seasonal sherries.

In one snap Father Christmas must have been so drunk he lost the reindeer because he is seen passed out on a train seat.

In another photo Father Christmas passes on out the floor, but still manages to clutch a bottle of whiskey
drunk Santa Claus
But perhaps he can be excused with the stresses and strains of the holiday season clearly getting to him.

With the stress of Christmas Eve just around the corner, Santa needs to make the most of his relaxation time and in one photo he can be seen clutching a smiling girl with one hand and a large mug of beer in the other.

And it looks like reading through Christmas lists could be getting too him because in one photo he is caught having a booze-soaked nap on the desk.

Another couldn’t keep his eyes open on public transport, while one takes a snooze on a desk…The funny snaps were uploaded by the icanhasinternets online blog.


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