Being run over by a tractor, carrying bricks with your teeth and cow chariot racers: Fascinating pictures of India’s bizarre Rural Olympics (video)

Kila Raipur Sports Festival

If you thought some of the events in the London 2012 Olympic Games looked gruelling then think again.

These bizarre pictures show competitors taking part in India’s Rural Olympics. And the sports are not for the fainthearted.

Games include being run over by farm machinery, bullock chariot racing, horseback acrobatics and other weird demonstrations of strength.

Formally known as the Kila Raipur Sports Festival, competitors range in age from teenagers to pensioners. There is even a 100metre race for the over 80s.

Around a million people attend the annual sporting event which has now become an important part of India’s Punjab culture.

Spectators travel from all over the world to the village of Kila Raipur to attend the games which attracts more than 4,000 sportsmen and women every February. The bullock cart race is the main attraction with the winner taking home a cash prize.

The three-day event is a celebration of rural life in India’s farming and has taken place every year since 1933.


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