Build a brilliant break at Legoland Windsor

It’s not every day you arrive at a hotel to be greeted by a 20ft fire breathing dragon. But then the 150 room Legoland Hotel, which opened last week at the Windsor theme park, is no ordinary hotel.

Safely past the dragon we reached the lobby and a spectacular 12ft exploding toy box comprising 26 models representing different areas of Legoland. There are also 6,000 mini figures stuck to a wall and the Legoland team is so confident each one is different, any child who manages to spot two the same will win a prize.

There are three types of themed bedrooms – Kingdom, Adventure, or the one we stayed in, the Pirate. We had a double bed at one end which was indeed like being in a pirate captain’s cabin.

The bathroom in the middle had a large spider on the ceiling and a lizard on the wall (made out of Lego, of course). Everything in the room is themed… the wallpaper, the floor… you have to see it to believe it.

Our kids, Jade and Stanley, had their own area packed full of fun stuff to keep them amused, including loads of Lego. They were in their element.

We ate at the hotel restaurant Bricks, which has 29 mini characters and a 6ft high “exploding” spaghetti machine. The self-service buffet had everything you could want ranging from fish and chicken to a wok service plus salads and Lego shaped chips.

Later we checked out the excellent Pirates themed splash pool and an amazing water playground. If that doesn’t tire you out there’s a gym
next door.

We rounded off our evening enjoying the entertainment in the Skyline bar and headed off for an early night – after all the next morning there was a whole theme park to tackle. If your kids love Lego this is the perfect family brick, sorry break, for you.

A pirate bedroom at Legoland Windsor

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