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Triangle puzzle

Triangle puzzle - How can this be true?

Triangle puzzle – How can this be true? Test your brain! The shapes in Figure 1 are identical to the shapes in Figure 2. The four parts below are moved around. When you move them, you get the mystery hole… From where comes this hole? The solution is shown in Figure 3. Lines AC and

Russian Woman Stripping To Get Clamped Car Back (video)

Russian Woman Stripping To Get Clamped Car Back

How far would you go if your car is clamped and the tow away truck is about to take it away? This woman in Russia staged a striptease to try and avoid the traffic police from removing her vehicle. She leaped onto the truck – beside her car – and started peeling off her clothes

What Does Virgin Mean? (video)

What does virgin mean?

Sometimes little questions need big answers. 😀 A little girl asks: Mommy, what’s virgin mean? The mother turns and responds: Sorry darling? Daughter: What does virgin mean? Mother: Girls and boys, I mean grown ups …bodies are different but they are made to fit together in a very clever way. Like a jigsaw. Daughter: Like

Shocking Road Safety advert (video)

Shocking Road Safety advert

The Road Safety Office at the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland has launched an advert titled ‘Classroom’ which is so brutal that its broadcast on television is prohibited before 9 pm. The video shows a young driver speeding along a road and loosing control of the car whih flips and lands on a

Shocking reality show: Films women while give birth in nature (video)

Reality show Born in the Wild films women giving birth with no help from doctors

American cable and satellite television channel Lifetime started filming a reality show “Born in the Wild” which literally shocked the world. The program will show women giving birth in the wild with no doctors’ help and facilities. This show was inspired by the Simone’s video, a woman who had chosen to give birth in nature.