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It’s Official… Women Are Safer Drivers Than Men

Women are safer drivers than men

MEN may not like reading this but women are officially better behind the wheel. They break speed limits less, brake less suddenly and avoid danger after dark by driving considerably less often at night than male motorists. Overall, a team of experts has concluded, women are up to a fifth safer on the road. The

The little cube that changed the world

Rubik's Cube

There’s one solution out of 43 quintillion possible combinations, and even the man who invented it spent a month of solid research trying to figure it out. But that hasn’t stopped the Rubik’s Cube from becoming the most popular toy in history. The colorful puzzle, consisting of small blocks rotating on a central axis, has

Fire Rainbow Facts

Fire Rainbow Facts

A beautiful work of nature, fire rainbows are not a common sight. Fire rainbows are circumhorizon arcs commonly known as CHA in scientific language. Fire rainbows occur in cirrus clouds which are wispy and thin. For this incredible sight the cirrus clouds should be at 20000 feet height with sun at 58 degrees. The amount

Barcode birthday: 60 years since patent

Barcode birthday: 60 years since patent

There are now more than five million individual barcodes in use around the world, according to regulator GS1 UK. Sunday, 7 October is the 60th anniversary of the barcode patent, filed in the US in 1952. However the distinctive black-and-white stripes did not make their first appearance in an American shop until 1974 – because

11 air travel myths explained

Air travel myths explained

Where’s the safest place to sit on plane? And can you really get high on the oxygen masks? We reveal the truth about everything you wanted to know about air travel but were afraid to ask. 1. Is it true that you get drunk quicker on a plane? The lack of oxygen on-board means a