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The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is over

Conchita Wurst - Eurovision 2014

The 59th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Denmark finished last night. 37 countries participated the competicion for the ultimate prize but 26 of them reached the final. The winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is Conchita Wurst from Austria with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” scoring 290 points. The Netherlands

Uni professor makes music with waves (video)

Uni professor makes music with waves

A composer dubbed “King Canute” has become the first in the world to perform music created by waves – in a swimming pool. Dr Alexis Kirke’s became a “giant baton” by covering himself with motion sensors that controlled the water in a swimming pool-like wave tank. The more he moved his arms, the louder and



Baku, Azerbaijan – It was an exciting evening at the Baku Crystal Hall where in front of thousands of people in the arena and millions of people on TV, Loreen from Sweden won the 2012 edition of Europe’s Favourite TV Show with 372 points! What an evening it has been!! 26 wonderful acts sang their

Top 10 Music Festivals

No Glastonbury this year, but there are lots of other festivals to keep you rocking and rolling all summer. Download (June 8-10) More than 80,000 metalheads will descend on Donington Park in Leicestershire to mark ­Download Festival’s 10th anniversary. The highlight of the weekend will be Metallica, playing their iconic Black album in its entirety