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Amazing optical illusion or “glitch in the Matrix”?

Watching this video is a bit like seeing a “glitch in the Matrix”. Is it impressive? Without a doubt. Is it science? You know it. Will you possibly start questioning reality? Watch and find out. The video was posted by YouTube user brusspup, who has been featured here on The Feed a few times for

Nothing profane about our name Austrian hamlet says

The Austrian hamlet of Fucking is sticking to a name that has made it a magnet for English-speaking tourists, sign thieves and the stuff of Internet fame. Franz Meindl, mayor of the town of Tarsdorf that includes the hamlet, dismissed news reports that residents were pushing to change the name to something less controversial such

Exhausted man cries for help from balcony and calls police after his one night stand partner demands too much sex

A desperate man got more than he bargained for when he embarked on a one night stand. He was forced to escape onto a balcony before calling police for back-up after his new-found lover refused to let him go – because she wanted more sex. The 43-year-old struck up a relationship with the woman, who

Pet Hotel Opened in Abu Dhabi

Pet Hotel Opened in Abu Dhabi

A first luxury five star pet hotel “Cloud 9” has been opened in Abu Dhabi. A 24-year old Emirati, Afra Al Dhaheri, is behind this idea. She became so determined to build a pet hotel after finding out that some people abandon their pets when going on holidays. Now the hotel is located in a

Cooking with Poo wins oddest book title prize

If 30-minute meals with Jamie or domestic goddessdom with Nigella fail to tempt this evening then it might be worth considering the latest big thing in home cuisine, Cooking with Poo, which has just won the Diagram prize for the oddest book title of the year. The 114-page cookbook derives its unsanitary title from author