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Man Addicted To Eating Bricks, Mud and Gravel (video)

Pakkirappa Hunagundi is addicted to eating bricks, gravel and mud

An Indian man says he is addicted to eating bricks, gravel and mud. Pakkirappa Hunagundi, 30, first developed a taste for the non-edible objects when he was 10. Ever since he says he has consumed up to three kilos of debris a day found lying in his village in Karnataka, India. But despite his strange

April Fools’ Day: Origin and History

April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day, sometimes called All Fools’ Day, is one of the most light-hearted days of the year. Its origins are uncertain. Some see it as a celebration related to the turn of the seasons, while others believe it stems from the adoption of a new calendar. New Year’s Day Moves Ancient cultures, including those

Living dead: These people have risen from the grave

Toraja walking dead

There are many strange and unexplained cases in which people were declared dead, but after a few hours or days went back to life. Some of us would consider that is a part of God, while others argue that there is a scientific and medical explanation. Walter Williams (USA) 78-year-old Walter from Mississippi died late

Russian looks death in the face: He jumps alight from a building (video)

Alexander Chernikov jumped alight from a five-storey building

Climbing the tallest buildings and structures without any facilities, jumping into the abyss without a parachute and all sorts of crazy things have become a trademark of the Russians, but Alexander Chernikov went a step further. The 22-year-old stuntman Chernikov decided to make an unprecedented leap – from the roof of a five-storey building and

Museum of penis obtains first human specimen (video)

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

The world’s only museum dedicated to the male genitalia is a step in the implementation of its decades-long dream – to complete its collection with a human specimen. The Icelandic Phallological Museum covers a wide range of penises: 280 of 93 species. Among the exhibits there are 55 whales’ penises, 36 of seals and 118