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Barbie 3D model is nothing like a real woman with a waist almost HALF the size of an average 19-year-old

Scaled up to human size, Barbie dolls would have unrealistic measurements of 36-18-33, compared with the typical 19-year-old girl’s 32-31-33. The average woman, meanwhile, has 38 inch back, a 34 inch waist and hips that measure 40 inches around.

From her outrageously tiny waist to her unfeasibly long legs, the world’s most famous doll has long been the target of criticism from feminists and other women’s groups who say it promotes an unhealthy idea of body image in girls. And now it appears that their claims have been proven. Scaled up to human size,

Vegetarians ‘cut heart risk by 32%’

The results showed the vegetarians had lower blood pressure, lower levels of "bad" cholesterol and were more likely to have a healthy weight.

Ditching meat and fish in favour of a vegetarian diet can have a dramatic effect on the health of your heart, research suggests. A study of 44,500 people in England and Scotland showed vegetarians were 32% less likely to die or need hospital treatment as a result of heart disease. Differences in cholesterol levels, blood

The Science of Appetite – Beating Overeating

The Science of Appetite - Beating Overeating

Want to lose weight but can’t stop eating? There’s a reason for that. Find out how you can beat the desire to overeat and bring yourself one step closer to being your healthy self! We emphasize that eating unhealthy foods (those with very high fat and sugar content) can cause you to eat even more.

Colour code your diet: Why you need a rainbow on your plate to ward off health and beauty problems

Want to eat your way to a better body? Add some colour to your plate to ward off health and beauty problems – from heart disease to wrinkles. “Eating a wide variety of different coloured foods is a great way to ensure you have glowing skin, a slimmer shape and it even helps your body

Secret to weight loss isn’t through fad diets or pills, study shows

What’s the best way to lose weight? A new study says it’s a combination of more exercise, eating less fatty foods and joining a weight loss program. What doesn’t work? Popular fad diets, liquid diets, and weight loss pills. Contrary to popular belief, the new study in the April 10 online issue of the American