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Stand up for your life: sitting can be a death sentence

Adults who spend 11 or more hours a day sitting are at a 40% increased risk of dying in the next three years compared with those who sit for fewer than four hours, the largest study of ageing in the Southern Hemisphere has found. Researchers from the University of Sydney assessed self-reported data from 22,497

Chocolate ‘can help keep you slim’

Far from piling on the pounds, a chocolate habit can help keep you slim, new research suggests. Just in time for Easter, scientists have announced the discovery every chocolate lover has been waiting for. A study has found that, despite boosting calorie intake, regular chocolate consumption is related to lower body mass index (BMI). The

The most appalling CCTV you’ll ever see: Moment girl, five, is gunned down and paralysed as she dances in shop

One minute the little girl is dancing in the aisle of her uncle’s shop. The next Thusha Kamaleswaran is lying sprawled on the shop’s floor, cut down by a gangster’s bullet. The five-year-old was left helpless and dying on the floor of the grocery shop after a .22 round pierced her chest. Moments earlier she

Diabetes complications at new high

Rates of stroke and kidney failure in people with diabetes have reached record levels, according to a new analysis. The conditions – which are complications of diabetes – jumped to their highest level in 2009/10, Diabetes UK said. More than 16,000 people with diabetes in England are estimated to have had a stroke in 2009/10,

Stop a weak bladder from ruling your life

Urinary incontinence is an occupational hazard for women. The aftermath of pregnancy can be quite a physical burden for some – weight gain, droopy breasts, a painful episiotomy scar and urinary incontinence. The latter is always on the horizon. One in four women get it and it’s a nuisance, an embarrassment and hardly anyone talks