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Aspirin may halt cancer spread


Aspirin, the most versatile drug in the pharmacy, which is already known to prevent cancer, may also be an effective treatment for halting the disease once it has started. An analysis of five large trials of people who took a daily low dose aspirin showed that among those who developed cancer it reduced its spread

How to fight the fat after turning 40

Our metabolism slows as we get older – and for a lot of women 40 is the tipping point. So how can you prevent weight gain? We know that women’s bodies are complex biological systems but why is it that turning 40 seems to mean developing a permanent ring of fat on your waistline? Dr

Worked to death? 10 jobs that may hurt your heart

10 jobs that may hurt your heart

Although most people don’t think of heart disease as an occupational hazard, certain characteristics of your job may be upping your risk for heart attacks and other problems. Some work-related factors – such as sitting long hours at a desk, stress, irregular work hours, and exposure to certain chemicals or pollution – could also harm

Lizzie Velasquez Stays Skeletal Despite Nonstop Eating

Lizzie Velasquez Stays Skeletal Despite Nonstop Eating

For many people, the idea of eating whatever you want without gaining weight sounds like a dream. But it’s a life long battle for Lizzie Velasquez, a skeletally thin 21-year-old from Austin, Texas who is unable to put on weight even though she consumes 5,000 to 8,000 calories a day, according to the English paper