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Strange Insurance Policies

Strange Insurance Policies

Insurance companies are in the business of returning a policy holder’s life back to normal after an accident. For instance, a heavily damaged car needs some expensive work to get running again. Often times, a policy holder can’t afford to pay for those damages at the moment, but need the repairs anyways. Insurance companies step

Top 15 Cataclysmic Celebrity Divorces to Rival Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Top 15 Cataclysmic Celebrity Divorces

With Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes set to embark on what could be the messiest divorce battle in celebrity history we look back at some of the ugliest break-ups in the world of showbiz. Team Tom has hit back at his wife, accusing her and her legal team of “playing the media,” escalating tensions in

Whitney Houston drowned in bathtub after taking cocaine

Whitney Houston drowned in a hotel bath as a result of taking cocaine, it was revealed last night. The singer’s death was also due to previously unreported heart disease that caused blockages in her arteries, according to a US coroner’s report. Other drugs were found in her bloodstream – including marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant