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Hernandez Silva Arquitectos Design Dizzying Bathroom Above 15th-Floor Elevator Shaft

Anyone who’s tried to cram an ample lifestyle into a small apartment is familiar with the urge to rebuild hidden corners and closets into functional living space. Hernandez Silva Arquitecto’s conversion of an unused elevator shaft into a powder room for the 15th floor PPDG penthouse unit in Guadalajara is a remarkably impressive use of

Sailing around the Caribbean aboard the world’s biggest cruise ship

It’s a big, big story. So enormous that it’s difficult to know where to begin when looking at life on board the Allure of the Seas. Size really does matter on the world’s largest cruise ship, which at 1,181ft is just two inches longer than its sister ship Ocean of the Seas. There are not

Build a brilliant break at Legoland Windsor

It’s not every day you arrive at a hotel to be greeted by a 20ft fire breathing dragon. But then the 150 room Legoland Hotel, which opened last week at the Windsor theme park, is no ordinary hotel. Safely past the dragon we reached the lobby and a spectacular 12ft exploding toy box comprising 26