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What Would Happen If The World Lost Oxygen For 5 Seconds? (Video)

What Would Happen If The World Lost Oxygen For 5 Seconds?

Have you ever imagined what would happen if oxygen from the Earth was lost for just 5 seconds? To find out more read and see the video below. Everyone at the beach would immediately get sunburns. Molecular oxygen in the air protects our skin against UV light. The daytime sky would get dark. Fewer particles

44-year-old fetus has found in 84-year-old woman

44-year-old fetus has found in 84-year-old woman

Brazilian retiree (82) from Natividad has complained of stomach pains and dizziness and X-ray doctors have seen in her womb calcified 44-year-old fetus stopped developing somewhere between 20th and 28th week. It turned out that the woman has been pregnant for the last 44 years but at one point in her pregnancy she felt severe

Amazing: Baby grabs surgeon’s finger

Baby grabbing surgeon's finger

This heartwarming photograph was taken at The Vanderbilt University in Memphis, while surgeons were operating a pregnant woman whose baby was diagnosed with spina bifida. Amazing photo of even more amazing event is placed on the website During the life-saving procedure the 21-week fetus reached his hand through the incision and grabbed his rescuer’s

Alien Autopsy in Russia 1969 (video)

Alien Autopsy in Russia 1969

Are we alone in the Universe and whether there are alien civilizations? This question continues to be relevant and videos and photos of UFOs are constantly published in the Internet. A mysterious secret KGB video has recently appeared in YouTube showing an alien autopsy made ​​by the Russians back in 1969. According to the allegations,

How Do Ant Colony Look Like inside? (video)

Fire Ant Colony

Whether you have ever wondered how the ant colony looks like inside. The answer to this question in the video below. A man decided to pour molten aluminum into the anthill. After cooling of the metal, the man digged hardened mass with the soil and then washed away the soil with water. The amazing structure