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80-Year-Old Woman Discusses Being First Silicone Breast Implant Patient in 1962

Great-grandmother Timmie Jean Lindsey was 30 when she was offered a chance to be the first woman in the world to get breast implants. Now 80 years old, she reflected on her life after the 1962 surgery, telling the Daily Mail “Men on the street would whistle at me…but now they’re a bit saggy.” As

The world’s most comprehensive face transplant

Richard Norris of Hillsville, Virginia, was shot in the face in 1997 and lost his nose, lips and most movement in his mouth. Since then, he has had multiple life-saving and reconstructive surgeries but none could repair him to the extent where he felt he could return to society. He wore a prosthetic nose and

New cause for male pattern baldness discovered: Is cure next?

Men who lament the fact that they no longer have hair on their head may have some good news. Researchers have discovered a new potential cause that may help them get to the root of male pattern baldness. A study published in the March 21 issue of Science Translational Medicine, found men who had a

Antibiotics fueling rise in childhood asthma

childhood asthma

Antibiotics may increase the risk of children suffering from debilitating asthma. Experts say widely-used antibiotics disrupt intestinal bacteria, which in turn damages youngsters’ immune systems and raises their risk of developing allergic asthma. This is the most common form of asthma and is triggered by irritants such as pollen, dust mites or mould. University of

World-first lung surgery while she was still in her mother’s WOMB

World-first lung surgery

A baby’s life was saved by pioneering surgery after doctors carried out an operation on her lungs while she was still in her mother’s womb. Alaitz Corominas, from Spain, is now a happy and healthy toddler after becoming the world’s first foetus to undergo the procedure three months before she was due to be born.