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Fossil discovery rewrites the story of human evolution

Fossil discovery rewrites the story of human evolution

The history of human evolution is more complex than previously supposed, according to fossils showing that several species of early man once lived cheek by jowl in the same region of East Africa. Scientists have excavated three new fossils – a face and two jawbone fragments – indicating that at least two other species of

Rare photo captures the exact moment a bee leaves its stinger in a man’s arm

a bee leaves its stinger in a man's arm

The exact moment that a bee stings a man and zooms away – leaving its stinger and abdominal tissue trailing behind – has been captured on camera. The images illustrate with brutal clarity why a bee cannot normally survive after stinging someone. The photo shows beekeeper Eric Mussen at the University of California’s honey bee

Frozen in time: Woolly mammoth with strawberry-blonde hair found in Siberia

The body of a young woolly mammoth has been discovered – and it has strawberry-blonde hair. The “exquisitely preserved” remains – thought to be 10,000 years old – were found in a frozen cliff in Siberia. And the incredible find supports scientists’ claims that not all mammoths had dark hair. The animal, named Yuka, would

‘King of Wasps’ found in Indonesia: Two-and-a-half inch monster has jaws longer than its legs

A new species of wasp discovered on the Indonesian island Sulawesi is two-and-a-half inches long, and has jaws so vast that its discoverer admits, ‘I don’t know how it can walk.’ Lynn Kimsey, professor of entomology at the University of California, Davis, says ‘Its jaws are so large that they wrap up either side of