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Russians behind the wheel (video)

Russians behind the wheel (video)

We have seen repeatedly what are Russian drivers. Take a look at this video that shows how dangerous can be driving in Russia: weird crashes, guns, aggression… The funny thing is that all moments selected in the movie finished with a happyend. While most accidents seem funny, people involved in the car crashes could not

The luckiest people video compilation

The luckiest people video compilation - car crashes

Lucky people! It’s a video compilation of some incredible lucky people’s accidents. There are cars, aircrafts, trains and other vehicles. Some of them were so near to the death but they still alive with little or without injuries. Some of them are skills. Watch the video and enjoy it. © Curious | video:

Volvo develops the ‘no death’ car: Vehicles which drive themselves and are totally crashproof could be on British roads in eight years

Volvo develops the 'no death' car

Car giant Volvo is developing ‘no death’ cars that drive themselves and are impossible to crash – ready for launch in showrooms within eight years. The computerised vehicles will be fitted with high-tech sensors and will ‘refuse to be steered’ into other objects. Volvo says they will be on sale to customers by 2020, but

Ferrari 250 GTO: Britain’s most expensive car

Ferrari 250 GTO

The ultra-rare classic Ferrari is also the second most expensive car ever sold in the world after it changed hands for £20.2 million. The Ferrari 250 GTO is the world’s most sought-after car with just 39 built between 1962 and 1964. This 1963 model – number 5095 – is believed to have been sold by

Siemens to Test “eHighway” Overhead Electric Lines for Trucks in California (video)

Siemens - eHighway of the Future

Overhead electric lines that power buses and streetcars are a common sight in California cities and towns, and they could soon be expanding to highways. At the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles last week, Siemens unveiled the “eHighway of the Future”, a system of electric lines that would be used to power