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Charley Cameron Deep Ocean Technology Unveils Plans for Their Insane Underwater Discus Hotel in Dubai

Underwater Discus Hotel in Dubai

Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology has unveiled the latest of Dubai’s outlandish architectural endeavors — the Water Discus Hotel — which is to be comprised of a series of sci-fi styled discs, one of which will be positioned 21 stories underwater. Offering guests a view directly into the Persian Gulf from the beds of their

Facebook adds organ donor status, registry to timeline

Facebook wants to make it easier to donate your organs and broadcast that information to all of your friends. Users in the United States and the U.K. can enroll as organ donors via links to official registries on the world’s biggest social networking site, said chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook users who are already

World’s largest McDonald’s with 1,500 seats to be opened for Olympics

The biggest McDonald’s restaurant in the world will open for six weeks during the London 2012 Olympic games. More than 50,000 Big Mac burgers and 180,000 portions of fries will be served from the outlet in Stratford, east London. The huge temporary branch will have seating for 1,500 customers and will employ more than 2,000

600,000 Apple Computers Infected With Flashback Trojan

Apple’s line of computers are no longer the safe haven for users who have been scared away from Microsoft Windows because of virus infections. A Russian anti-virus firm reported on Thursday that more than 600,000 Apple computers have been infected with the Flashback Trojan. The trojan essentially allows Apple computers to be hijacked and used

Anonymous Launches Cyberattack Salvo on China

Hackers pledging allegiance to Anonymous claim to have launched a large cyberattack campaign against sites in China, and they’re urging more hackers to join their cause. “One of the most interesting things about [the hacks] is the degree to which they undermine the conventional wisdom about the technological prowess of China’s government,” said Pund-IT’s Charles