Chinese Police Rescue Sex Doll From River

Chinese Police Rescue Sex Doll From River

Last week in China, police rushed to the scene in the province of Shandong after receiving a call that a body was floating lifelessly in a river. A crew of 18 policemen worked together to do everything they could to retrieve the body from the water.

It didn’t take long for a huge crowd to gather to watch their heroic law enforcement in action. Over 1,000 spectators made their way to the scene creating a traffic jam that was so heavy, it kept firefighters from reaching the action to help out.

But the whole mess was worth it when all was said and done. After 40 minutes of hard work by the Chinese police department, the spectators were able to witness the rescue of what turned out to be an inflatable sex doll.

From far away, the deflated, plastic ex-love of some lonely human had everyone fooled. The police officers involved said that until the doll was close enough, it was difficult to differentiate the floating piece of trash from an actual human body.

After the police officers had gotten over the shame of using so much time and manpower to save a sex toy, they revealed their damsel in distress to the huge crowd who probably either blushed in embarrassment or vomited profusely before they decided it was time to leave.


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