Dancers Or Dentists? Britain’s Most Law Abiding Drivers…

The relationship between different occupations and driving convictions, one of the UK’s leading car insurance comparison sites, has published the results of its study into the correlation between occupation and driving convictions. The study, drawn from an analysis of over 270,000 recent car insurance quotes, examines the relationship between 313 different occupations, average annual mileage and the number of motorists with driving convictions.

The results are surprising, with dancing teachers/choreographers topping the table when it comes to miles driven per motoring conviction, with convictions being earned every 23,500 miles driven. This compares with an average of all drivers who, according to the research, pick up driving convictions for every 53,553 miles driven. Also in the top 10 occupations most likely to have points on driving licences are haulage contractors, enrolled nurses, midwives, funeral directors and surveyors.

At the other end of the scale, Britain’s most law-abiding drivers seem to be dental technicians, legal clerks, students and cloakroom attendants. People in these professions drive for more than 120,000 miles before picking up motoring convictions.

Rank Occupation Average Yearly Milage Convictions % Miles per Conviction
1 Dancing Teacher and/or Choreographer 7133.93 30.36% 23500
2 Haulage Contractor 6492.86 27.14% 23921
3 Enrolled Nurse 7979.69 29.69% 26879
….. ….. ….. …..
311 Launderer 11306.67 8.00% 141333
312 Legal Clerk 9074.22 5.47% 165929
313 Dental Technician 7186.27 0.00% N/A


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