Disaster Cafe – Hold on to Your Drinks! (video)

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes the Disaster Cafe for about 20 seconds

Normally, people are terrified of earthquakes and they would do their best to avoid experiencing one. At Disaster Cafe in Lloret de Mar, Spain, people actually pay to be a part of a 7.8 Earthquake while they have their dinner.

At Disaster Cafe, quakes happen all the time, and all you can do is try to keep your balance and hope drinks don’t get spilled.

An elevator takes daring customers to “the depths of the Earth”, where they’re be seated in a cave-like restaurant. It starts to get strange once you are seated. The servers wear construction equipment, and the glasses and plates are very heavy. Before you have a chance to question the odd surroundings, it happens…

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes the Disaster Cafe for about 20 seconds. The fun part is that you never know when it is going to happen.

There has never been any injuries during these Earthquake simulations, but clothing has been ruined due to spilled drinks. Sometimes the earthquakes are too strong for the extra heavy plates and glasses.

I have not visited the Disaster Cafe, but every review that I came across only had amazing things to say about it.

Check out this video taken inside of the Disaster Cafe…

source: zazenlife.com

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