Facebook, Trend Micro and F-Secure will clean up your computer from viruses

Facebook, Trend Micro and F-Secure will clean your computer from viruses

Facebook has teamed up with companies Trend Micro and F-Secure — developers of antivirus and other security software — to integrate their technologies into its social network.

The idea is to detect and remove Malware (short for Malicious software) if the user’s computer is infected. When a user logs in from an infected machine a notification screen will appear and inform him or her about the problem. The message will contain a recommendation to scan and remove the virus from the computer using the F-Secure’s or Trend Micro’s software.

Users will be allowed to decline the scanning and malware removal processes. During scanning and cleaning they will be able to use Facebook or other services and finally will be notified about the results.

This option is going to appear soon and it is still one of the ways in which the social network struggles against hackers.

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