Facial Recognition Software vs. The Mona Lisa of the Day

Facial Recognition Software - Mona Lisa

University of California at Riverside researchers are taking a new tack in the quest to solve “old and vexing art historical problems” like the true identity of the woman pictured in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa: they’re using facial recognition software.

Their system, called FACES (Faces, Art, and Computerized Evaluation Systems) will first be tested on sculptures, especially sculptures of famous individuals with death or life masks available for comparison. From sculptures, they’ll work their way up to 2D paintings, which are less likely to be perfectly accurate.

“If this 3D-to-3D test is encouraging, the project would systematically expand to 3D-to-2D, and eventually test portraits of known subjects against unidentified portraits,” said project director Conrad Rudolph.

source: geeks.thedailywh.at

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