Fire Rainbow Facts

Fire Rainbow Facts

A beautiful work of nature, fire rainbows are not a common sight. Fire rainbows are circumhorizon arcs commonly known as CHA in scientific language.

Fire rainbows occur in cirrus clouds which are wispy and thin. For this incredible sight the cirrus clouds should be at 20000 feet height with sun at 58 degrees. The amount of ice crystals in the clouds need to be appropriate and properly aligned for the light to pass through it.

The phenomenon is the result of refraction of light when it passes through vertical side and exits from the rear as it is in the case of a prism. If the inclination is of 90 degrees the colors can be seen well arranged and the cloud seems bursting with colorful flames. Though the name suggests it to be a hot, flammy phenomenon but it is cold like ice.

This spectacular event of nature lasts for a short time and is a rare sight as all factors need to be available at correct time and at correct position.



  1. Joey says:

    If I am not mistaken i believe the scientific term for such a phenominon is a circumzenithal arc not a circumhorizon arc

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