Greenpeace’s blacklist of unhealthy foods and drinks with GMO

Greenpeace's blacklist of unhealthy foods and drinks with GMO

We all heard about genetically modified organisms. Unheard-of hype around GM raised in recent years.

At each corner of the unprecedented dangers of talking about GMOs that products containing GMOs, it is very dangerous to eat.

Greenpeace had made a blacklist of genetically modified products regarding food. Notice how many of them are for kids!

  1. Snickers
  2. Campbell Soup
  3. Rice Uncle Bens Mars
  4. Lipton Tea
  5. Mars M & M
  6. Twix
  7. Milky Way
  8. Cadbury chocolate, cocoa
  9. Ferrero
  10. Nestle chocolate “Nestle”
  11. Nestle Nesquik chocolate drink
  12. Soft drink “Coca-Cola”
  13. ”Sprite”, “Fanta” tonic “Denali”, “Fruktime”
  14. Pepci-Pepsi Co
  15. ”7-Up”, “Fiesta”, “Mountain Dew”
  16. Kellogg’s Cereals
  17. Sauces Knorr
  18. Biscuits Parmalat
  19. Sauce, mayonnaise, sauces Hellman’s
  20. Spices, mayonnaise, sauces, Heinz
  21. Nestle baby food
  22. Hipp
  23. Abbot Labs Similac
  24. Yogurt, cheese, baby food Denon
  25. McDonald’s (McDonald’s) network “restaurants” fast food
  26. Chocolate chips, coffee, baby food Kraft
  27. Ketchups, sauces. Heinz Foods
  28. Baby food products “Delmas” Unilever

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