Heart Attack Recovery Could Be Improved By Drinking… Sort Of

“Take two shots of Jack and call me in the morning” doesn’t exactly seem like sound medical advice after a heart attack (in modern parlance, in fact, heart attacks are generally associated with a reduction in pleasurable activities like fried chicken, smoking cigarettes and sexing), but new research reveals that boozing it up may be beneficial in the days following a heart attack… a little.

Alcohol consumption is not only a funny paradox in health, it’s also one of the things (particularly when it comes to heart health) that seems to be an eternal source of confusion for those looking to follow best practices to avoid and recover from heart attacks and ailments.

Like eggs, exercise, red meat, high-protein diets and dairy, conflicting evidence seems to appear constantly warning us to abstain from, moderately consume, eat and or engage in a lot of or dabble in the listed suspects practically each week. Proving my point, without Googling, tell me right now- are we supposed to be eating oily fish or not? You don’t know! They keep changing it!

So, a new study might be one you want to latch on to in your quest, because it gives beer fans a bit of a green light when it comes to engaging in a bit of boozing after a heart attack… the catch? Males only. Just like women are more likely to have stealth, pain-free heart attacks, the data seems to stack up differently here for the fairer sex.

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston reviewed data from more than 1,800 male heart attack survivors and discovered that by consuming about two units of alcohol per day following their heart attacks, the men were more likely to avoid death than teetotalers. (Because they had something to live for?) As with previous studies, the type of alcohol consumed had no effect on mortality rates, and heavy drinkers and non-drinkers had roughly the same outcomes- which were not as good as their beer-drinking counterparts.

The study’s lead author Dr. Jennifer Pai had this to say about the findings:

“For many men after experiencing a heart attack, major diet and lifestyle changes are recommended by their physicians… Our study indicates that for men already consuming moderate amounts of alcohol, continuing to consume moderate amounts after a heart attack may be beneficial for long-term survival.”

Pai referenced earlier studies with similar findings about moderate drinking and heart disease mortality:

“More recently, some studies have suggested a beneficial effect of moderate alcohol consumption on reduced mortality among individuals with established heart disease, but the results were somewhat conflicting… Our study is the first to examine moderate alcohol consumption both before the men experienced their heart attack, and also after they survived the event.”

Dissenting researchers pointed out that the study’s findings were not a good reason to begin drinking after a heart attack, but they could be good news for every day moderate drinkers.

source: inquisitr.com

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