Hero neighbor saves 7-year-old girl who fell from third-story window (video)

Hero neighbor saves 7-year-old girl who fell from third-story window

A seven-year-old Brooklyn girl is safe thanks to a fast-acting neighbor who came to her rescue.

Keyla McCree crawled out of her window and was dancing and singing on top of an air conditioner before she tripped and fell from the ledge of the Coney Island Houses building.

MTA bus driver Steve St Bernard, 52, was waiting below with his arms outstretched and managed to catch the girl and save her life.

She crawled out through the empty space around 2pm, astonishing onlookers with a song and dance routine three-stories high. In a video of the daredevil girl, you can see her standing on one leg and moving about on the ledge with dozens of people gathered below her.

St Bernard, who just got off work, heard cries of concern and rushed to the scene.
‘There were all these kids yelling,”the little girl, the little girl,”‘ said St Bernard. ‘I saw a little girl standing on the air conditioner. I said, “Let me get over to her in time. and I made it just in time.”‘

In the minute long video, St Bernard positions himself under the girl, trying to find the right spot in case she fell.
‘I went over there to make sure if she fell I could catch her,’ St Bernard said. ‘I’m not a hero — anybody would have done it. I did it out of normal instincts.’

The father of four said that one of his own children is about her age.

source: youtube.com

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