Honest homeless couple returns $10 K in stolen money

Honest homeless couple returns $10 K in stolen money

Brazilian media are doting on a pair of homeless collectors of recyclable materials, who found bags stuffed with stolen money and promptly notified police on Monday.

Rejaniel de Jesus Silva Santos and his partner Sandra Regina Domingues, who live near São Paulo underneath a bridge, found $20,000 Brazilian Reals (roughly $10,000 Cdn) in bags abandoned by a tree.

The money was stolen from nearby Hokkai Sushi restaurant, according to Jornal Correio do Povo de Alagoas newspaper.

“My mother taught me that I should not steal,” Santos told local media, speaking in Portuguese. “The first thing that came into my head was call the police.”

Santos and Domingues followed through and notified police, triggering a whirlwind of events.

The couple were interviewed on television, threatened by the thieves, and offered temporary shelter in a hotel room all within 24 hours. The overjoyed owners of the restaurant, who met the couple at the police station, are paying for their stay.

“We are very grateful,” said one of the owners Daniel Uemura. “It was an act of extreme humility and honesty that needs to be commended.”

The owners have offered them a choice between two, more permanent, rewards.

Either the two could enrol in specialized courses and ultimately get jobs for the company that owns the restaurant, which also owns fish stores and fish distribution facilities – or they could accept paid travel and help moving to the Brazilian state of Maranhão, where Santos’ estranged family lives.

Santos, who hasn’t seen his family in 16 years, hopes his mother will see him on television. “If she sees me on TV in Maranhão, she will see that her son is still one of the honest people of this world,” he said.

source: cbc.ca

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