Instead Mouse: Computer is Commanded by Gesture Control Bracelet (video)

MYO Thalmic Labs

Startup company ‘Thalmic Labs’ plans to launch its product ‘Myo’ — a bracelet that allows you to manage your computer in a very specific way. Sensors in the device measure the electrical activity in the hand movements and recognize what we command.

This is the future of human-computer interaction and the way the computer interface shapes our lives. The company plans to launch the bracelet in September and it is going to cost 149 dollars in the pre-sale.

‘Myo’ uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to communicate with the devices and you can control presentations, video, music, games and more. The gesture control bracelet should be compatible with the operating systems Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Shortly entire list of compatible apps and programs will be published on the web site of “Thalmic Labs”.

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