Is this the most terrifying prank ever? TV films oblivious participants stuck in lift with no power… and their horrified reaction as ‘ghost girl’ appears from nowhere

Is this the most terrifying prank ever?

Being stuck in a lift without power or light is an unsettling experience for most people. But throw in a little ghost girl who seemingly suddenly appears from nowhere and it becomes terrifying. The concept is a popular prank on a Brazilian television show.

In the video the adults who are set up are seen arriving in reception and are shown to a lift. They think they are traveling up- although the lift is actually still – until it suddenly halts and the lights go out.

Under the cover of darkness a little child, dressed like the ghost girl from The Ring, emerges from a trap door at the side and when the lights return they are greeted by her. With a pale face, scraggly hair and holding a doll she is a terrifying and unexpected sight.

Reactions range from jumping in the air, cowering in the corner and jamming the emergency button. None of the unfortunate victims realise it is a prank and as the lights flicker on and off she reappears from the hiding place. Sometimes she stands still and simply screams in their face, extracting a scream from the terrified adult.

Two women who had been previously looked at themselves in the mirror, are so horrified by her appearance they clutch each other in the corner. One man is so scared he throws his hands over his face in shock and then proceeds to run out the lift when the doors open as the little girl chases him along.


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