It’s Official… Women Are Safer Drivers Than Men

Women are safer drivers than men

MEN may not like reading this but women are officially better behind the wheel.

They break speed limits less, brake less suddenly and avoid danger after dark by driving considerably less often at night than male motorists.

Overall, a team of experts has concluded, women are up to a fifth safer on the road. The verdict comes from the study of data from black box recorders in the vehicles of 19,000 motorists which were used to monitor more than 40 million journeys and 154 million miles of travel over four years.

Half the drivers were men and half were women. The research was carried out by car monitoring firm Wunelli, which analyses black box systems used by some insurance companies to set premiums.

Their experts found women drive 28 per cent less at night than men, exceed speed limits 12 per cent less and brake hard 11 per cent less.

The news comes a month before an EU gender directive becomes law, which will ban sex discrimination for insurance purposes.

Wunelli chairman Sandy Dunn said: “Motor insurance rates to date have been based on estimations, trends and averages gathered and analysed over many years. When the EU gender directive comes into play, insurers will need to rely more heavily on the postcode of the driver and the car type being driven. For some women this won’t be a bad thing, but others could see their premiums rocketing. Black box technology gives us a very clear picture of how the UK’s roads are used, from those where people speed the most to the cars least likely to have an accident.”


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