Linda Perez Fell Into A Coma After A Breast Augmentation Surgery

Linda Perez Fell Into A Coma After A Breast Agumentation Surgery

Teenage Linda Perez (18) of Miami, Fla., fell into a coma during surgery for breast augmentation. The girl, who is a mother of 3-year-old son, has not woken up from the anesthesia and is fighting for her life in another hospital.

Linda went into the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center for her surgery and left unconscious in an ambulance soon after. Coral Gables advertises their implants at $2,800 for the procedure, a price much below the national average.

Local media reports the anesthesiologist Dr. Mario Alberto Diaz was in prison in 2006 for illegal sale of pain pills and had his medical license suspended for six months. Furthermore, the surgeon Jacob Freeman has no license to perform cosmetic surgery.

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