Pet Hotel Opened in Abu Dhabi

Pet Hotel Opened in Abu Dhabi

A first luxury five star pet hotel “Cloud 9” has been opened in Abu Dhabi. A 24-year old Emirati, Afra Al Dhaheri, is behind this idea.

She became so determined to build a pet hotel after finding out that some people abandon their pets when going on holidays. Now the hotel is located in a villa in Khalifa City A, and it is thought to be a great change in the community.

“Cloud 9” includes accommodation spaces for 27 dogs and 34 cats as well as 5 VIP dog rooms and 14 VIP cat rooms with flat screen TVs, a veterinarian clinic, dog training, a cat playroom and a doggy day care.

On the ground floor, the pet shop sells food, medicine, chew toys, outfits, leather collars and harnesses among others. Future plans include inviting groups of schoolchildren to teach them about pets’ welfare.


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