Real-life Popeye who hates spinach boasts biceps bigger than cartoon’s

Moustafa Ismail has biceps that rival some men's waits in size

It’s no surprise Moustafa Ismail’s biceps have just been crowned the world’s biggest. With a circumference of 79cm (31in), the bodybuilder’s muscles are the size of many men’s waists.

But while he may look like a real-life Popeye, unlike the cartoon character he hates spinach.

Big Mo, as he is known, has pumped iron twice a day for the past ten years to get his muscular look. ‘People always say you remind me of Popeye the sailor man. This makes me laugh,’ said the 24-year-old. ‘The truth is I don’t have spinach in my diet. I can’t stand the stuff.’ He added: ‘Actually, I think my arms are now bigger than those of the cartoon character.’

Mr Ismail’s daily diet involves 1.4kg (3lb) of chicken, 500g of steak or fish, four cups of almonds washed down with nine litres of water, and three litres of protein shakes.

He moved to Massachusetts from his native Egypt five years ago after failed to get a place in the national bodybuilding team.
‘Working out makes my mood better. And I like that in this type of sport you can see your improvement,’ said Mr Ismail, who features in the new edition of Guinness World Records.


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