Russia’s flying car: The terrifying moment motorist goes airborne in dashcam (video)

Russia's flying car: The terrifying moment motorist goes airborne in dashcam

This is the terrifying moment a car veers off the road and is seen literally ‘flying’ through the air for several seconds in a horrific crash on a Russian highway.

The incredible footage – which looks more like something from a Hollywood action film – was captured by a Russian driver travelling in the opposite direction via a dashboard camera.

As traffic passes normally on the highway, the Volkswagen car suddenly appears from nowhere and inexplicably leaves the road at high speed. It hits a mound of dirt which acts as a ramp sending the car flying through the air for several seconds. It lands out of the sight of the camera as a voice is heard shouting in shock.

As the driver turns slows down and turns towards the scene of the accident, onlookers can be seen running across the road to help. It is not known if the driver was injured or worse in the crash, nor if there were any passengers.

The video – which has been viewed more than 40,00 times online – was recorded on a so-called dashcam. The small video cameras – similar to a webcam – are becoming increasingly popular among Russian drivers where bad conditions and drink-drivers make road accidents common. Much of the footage which appeared online of the recent meteor which hit the country came from dashcams.

Russia has 38.7 million cars on the road, but recorded 35,972 traffic-related deaths according to a 2009 World Health Organization report. By comparison the U.S has 251.4 million cars, but reported 42,642 deaths—barely one-sixth the Russian rate.

Russians often use dashcam videos as evidence to back their insurance claims. Legislation introduced in the Russian Parliament last year would allow dashcam footage to be introduced as evidence in court, according to news agency RIA Novosti.

Even before the meteor, Russian dash-cam videos had become a YouTube (GOOG) favorite, with compilations of spectacular accidents and road-rage incidents, as well as the occasional plane crash.


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