Sex toys, traffic cone and gun… plumbers reveal the strange items they’ve found blocking drains

Sex toys, traffic cone and gun... plumbers reveal the strange items they've found blocking drains

Sex toys, a traffic cone, a gun and a block of cocaine were among the things plumbers found blocking drains last year.

Careless Brits are pouring £87 million down the drain as paint, potato peelings and baby wipes can cause expensive blockages. Last year almost seven million homes had to call out plumbers to clear drains of objects from false teeth to car engine parts and even a traffic cone.

A State of the Nation’s Homes report by the AA revealed its teams had even uncovered a block of cocaine, a gun, live bullets and sex toys from blocked pipes and drains. On average, households have splashed out £60.46 for an expert to un-clog their drain with cooking fat and leftovers the biggest culprits for causing problems.

But plumbers have been left stunned by the assortment of unusual objects they have had to pull out from plastic bones and tea cups to sunglasses and kids’ toys which have been flushed away.

Tom Stringer, head of AA Home Emergency Response, said: “We’re constantly amazed by the things our plumbers find. So far we’ve had a diamond-studded solid gold lighter and even tools left by the person who originally installed the pipe. Most people know the sort of things they shouldn’t put down their sinks and yet millions continue to do so time after time. Blocked drains are easily avoidable yet they are very common occurrences and can be expensive if you are unable to fix the problem yourself and need to call a plumber.”


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