Shocking! Woman Eats Stones When She is Depressed!

Teresa Widener Eats Stones When She is Depressed

Everyone knows that women tend to have their little obsessions to which they stick when they feel depressed. Some like to eat chocolate, others to buy new shoes but Teresa Widener’s obsession is slightly different from others – she eats stones.

The 45-year-old woman from Bedford, Virginia eats 1.5 kilograms of stones weekly, report from Dailymail. She suffers from the disease Pica – the habit of eating non-edible objects. For her lifetime until now she had eaten around 1400 kilograms of stones. Every time she is depressed, Teresa reaches for her “tranquilizer”.
“If I feel down then I eat lots more because it comforts me. If I know I have some at my house I feel better, just knowing they’re there”, shares Widener.

She gets her supplies when she walks in the coutry. Teresa selects softer rocks that she knows that she could break up easily. She shares that she prefers the earthy flavor of the rocks and sometimes she just eats them with the mud. If the rocks she collects are too big, Mrs Widener breaks them into smaller pieces with a rock hammer. She chews the rocks only on the left side of her mouth because the teeth there had grown stronger from the long-term-rock-chewing.

Teresa tries to fight her obsession and like every depression based obsession the cure is happiness. There is a new man in her life, who makes her so happy, that she even reduced her quantity of stone-antidepressants. “But everyone has bad days and when I have one only rocks can make me feel better”, says Mrs. Widener.

Teresa has no medical problems from the rock-eating, only that she suffers from constipation very often and haves stomachaches from time to time.


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