Signs of dehydration (not just thirst)

Headache, Signs of dehydration (not just thirst)

Many of us do not even suggest that they are dehydrated because they do not feel thirsty. In fact, there are other signs that show you are dehydrated.

Your body constantly loses fluids which means that it loses important salts responsible for the complete blood count. Too little fluid can cause blood pressure’s decrease and this leads to a reduction of oxygen in the brain and thus to headache.

Urine is very yellow
If urine is intense yellow colored it means that the concentration of salts is higher than normally and the body can not purges well of accumulated toxins. If your urine is completely transparent so you take too much liquid. Adhere to the golden mean.

Water helps to wash the intestines and their effective cleaning. If there does not have enough water in the body, food moves difficulty and it is retained for longer in the intestines. This results in swelling and troublesome constipation.

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