Stop! No, go! No, stop! Could these be the most confusing traffic lights in the world?

Learning your Highway Code in China must be a lot harder – just take a look at these traffic lights.

Drivers in Chongqing City could be forgiven for not knowing whether they’re coming or going at this crossroads.

One motorist said: “When you look at one light it’s red but the one next to is it green. No-one knows where or when to go because they just seem to change randomly.”

And local traffic officials have baffled drivers further – by saying they shouldn’t obey any of them.

“They are just for decoration because the junction looked bare. They look very pretty at night but drivers should just ignore them,” said a spokesman.

National traffic laws only came into effect in China less than 10 years ago so they are still developing.

Some in China have campaigned for the red light to mean ‘go’, given the colour’s Communist symbolism.


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