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This is a friend: Cat saves child from vicious dog (video)

Cat saves child from vicious dog

Dogs are usually known as heroes who save children from abusers, fire or other trouble. But this video proves that quiet cats also have great courage when needed. In YouTube a video clip appeared which showed how a fearless cat defended a toddler from a vicious dog. A video footage from security camera showed the

How Do Ant Colony Look Like inside? (video)

Fire Ant Colony

Whether you have ever wondered how the ant colony looks like inside. The answer to this question in the video below. A man decided to pour molten aluminum into the anthill. After cooling of the metal, the man digged hardened mass with the soil and then washed away the soil with water. The amazing structure

Whale Explodes As Biologist Tries To Cut It Open (video)

Whale Explodes As Biologist Tries To Cut It Open

It is a job no man would envy. A biologist has been filmed trying to cut open a whale carcass which exploded all over him. The whale was one of two which died last week after being beached in the Faroe Islands. The creatures died after becoming trapped in a narrow channel and residents wanted

Best Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Best Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites

If you are living near the North Pole, you never have to worry about mosquito bites. But the rest of you have to deal with these annoying insects all the time. They seem determined to disturb your sleep, your quiet moments, and your holidays. Their distinctive buzzing lets you know they are near and once

Tonik, the ‘Shih Tzu poodle’ with an eerily human face

Tonik - dog with a human face

They say some dog owners bear an uncanny resemblance to their pets. Well that will most definitely be the case for whoever takes in this adorable poodle/ Shih Tzu cross who has an eerily human-like face. The two-year-old, called Tonik, is looking for a new home after being rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky,