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I’m sure I left it here somewhere… Driver can’t find parked car after road collapses underneath it

Road collapses underneath parked car after pranksters remove the 'no parking' sign

A driver who nipped to the shops came back two minutes later… only to find her car had disappeared. But on closer inspection, the Skoda Fabia hadn’t been nabbed by car thieves – the road had collapsed underneath it. Engineers were tunnelling out new water mains and had left out ‘no parking’ signs on the

China: four-year-old girl rescued after falling out of moving car – video

China: four-year-old girl rescued after falling out of moving car

CCTV footage shows the father of a four-year-old jumping out of a moving car to rescue his daughter seconds after she fell from the vehicle. The car is crossing a busy intersection in Zhejiang province in China when the girl accidentally opens the door while climbing from a back seat to the front. The car

Flying car soars closer to reality with successful test flight

Flying cars aren’t just science fiction anymore. Woburn, Massachusetts-based Terrafugia Inc. said Monday that its prototype flying car has completed its first flight, bringing the company closer to its goal of selling the flying car within the next year. The vehicle – dubbed the Transition — has two seats, four wheels and wings that fold

Tips on how to save fuel and drive economically during the petrol crisis

As petrol stations around the country continue to be swamped by panic-buying drivers following blundering Tory Francis Maude’s advice to stock up on fuel, Mirror Online presents the best ways how to keep calm and carry on driving. Mirror motoring expert Richard Hammond ’s practical tips may not help top up the filling stations, but

Driving Into the Future: Autonomous Cars

Self-driving cars are no longer just the stuff of science fiction. Increasingly, they’re becoming a reality. For the last several years, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) has been testing self-driving, autonomous vehicles in California — and if they ever become mainstream, their promise is better controlled and less deadly roadways. “We want to improve people’s lives by