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Woman Dies From Coca-Cola Overdose? Sort Of

A woman in New Zealand recently passed away and experts believe that her addiction to Coke may have been the cause of her demise. And that’s Coca-Cola, the soda, by the way, not cocaine. The Associated Press reports that Natasha Harris, 30, drank at least 2-gallons of Coca-Cola a day. Harris’ partner, Chris Hodgkinson, said

Family fighting Coca-Cola for $130m after father bought box with old stock certificate for $5 at garage sale

A California family claims it is owed a $130million stake in Coca-Cola Co after their father bought an antique stock certificate in 2008 for a mere $5. Tony Marohn spent the final year of his life battling the beverage company after tracing the Palmer Union Oil Co certificate to Coca-Cola. Marohn died in 2010, but